Simi Valley, California’s Most Popular Parks

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Simi Valley is one of the most beautiful and welcoming communities for families in the entire state of California. It’s a tranquil region with plenty of green spaces, parks, and trails to explore. Green belts, parklands, and hiking routes enclose this gorgeous city in California.

The people of Simi Valley have a lot to be thankful for, including those who lived here generations ago and preserved one of the valley’s most precious natural resources—the breathtaking mountains and hills that engulf the valley. Every access point into the city is cut into a mountain or passes via a green belt or natural corridor.

Here are some of the notable parks you can find in Simi Valley and their best features that you and your family should try upon your visit!

Simi Valley, California's Most Popular Parks

Rancho Tapo Community Park (Lemon Park)

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The great thing about Rancho Tapo Community Park, or Lemon Park as often called by the locals, is that it is entirely flat and has a beautiful half-mile-long walking route on which children enjoy riding their scooters.

It is also one of the best parks in Simi Valley, CA for a family picnic since several pavilions of various sizes can be used all over the park. The park also features playgrounds for pre-teens, covered and open picnic tables, barbecue areas, ball fields, sports facilities/courts, play areas, and a fitted fitness circuit zone.

Best Feature: In commemorating those who have served in the military forces, Veterans’ Plaza at Rancho Tapo Community Park (Lemon Park) offers a tranquil setting with a lake for visitors to enjoy.

Santa Susana Park and Railroad

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Simi Valley, CA is home to the beautiful and pleasant Santa Susana Park and Railroad, which is an ideal site for a wonderful and enjoyable picnic with the kids.

There is a large play area, picnic spots with grass, and a covered picnic place to choose from. The sports facilities at Santa Susana Park & Railroad include a volleyball court, a basketball court, and a baseball diamond.

Best Feature: A picnic pavilion is available for rent at Santa Susana Park and Railroad and can be used for hosting large family gatherings, reunions, and even business functions.

Mayfair Park

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The visually-pleasing Mayfair Park in Simi Valley, CA features a vibrant green space with plenty of grass and trees, ideal for a tranquil day out. It features picnic tables, a fitness circuit, basketball courts, handball courts, and a playground with a dinosaur motif.

Mayfair Park also boasts its grass-hard surface tennis court, a junior football pitch, a multi-use activities area, and a lake with a fountain. Visitors can take advantage of several facilities and amenities offered by the park that aims to cater to people of all ages and levels of ability.

Best Feature: Parking is plentiful and individuals with disabilities can easily enter or leave Mayfair Park due to the availability of wheelchair access.

Big Sky Park

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Big Sky Park is a great place to visit even if you don’t have a dog of your own, but having a furry companion with you makes the experience much more fun and enjoyable! It is a casual public park that welcomes dogs, provides play equipment for children, and has sporting grounds.

Best Feature: There are two dog parks at Big Sky Park. One is designed for smaller dogs, while the other is suitable for canines of a bigger size. Both dog parks have excellent maintenance, are cleaned and sanitized regularly, and are kept in pristine condition at all times.

Tapo Canyon Regional Park

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Tapo Canyon Regional Park is nestled among the meandering hills and valleys of the Santa Susana Mountains. This steep and secluded park is popular with mountain bikers, horseback riders, and hikers since it is one of the parks in Simi Valley that features an equestrian arena and an RV campground with 16 full hookups for recreational vehicles.

This park is well-maintained and suitable for people of all ages. It offers numerous locations for children to play, several picnic spots to enjoy a meal with the family, and it also has a pond that is beautiful to look at.

It also features a large grassy area, so there’s plenty of room to run around or sit back and relax while the children have fun under the sun. There is also a well-kept jogging route that is very appealing to those who enjoy being physically active.

Best Feature: Tapo Canyon Regional Park boasts its recreation center where plenty of activities and events are held.

Vista Del Arroyo Park

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One of the many attractive neighborhood parks that can be spotted in Simi Valley is Vista Del Arroyo Park, which can be found just off the main road on a little cul-de-sac. The park has a ton of beautiful aqua and red play equipment, such as swirly and bouncy slides, playground climbers, see-saws, and spring riders.

There are two smaller slides for little kids and a delightful little tunnel they can crawl through. Children also love the climbing facilities available at Vista Del Arroyo Park, including a rock wall, plenty of climbing ladders, and a climbing tree.

Best Feature: The park has a rocking horse seesaw for four people and four swings, two for younger and two for older kids. Adults will also find Vista Del Arroyo Park convenient and enjoyable because there are numerous places to sit, including a lovely gazebo.

Simi Dog Park

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Located behind Big Spy Park is Simi Dog Park, an open space with plenty of room for dogs to run around and separate spaces for large and small pets. Dog owners strolling around the park are nice and friendly, which means that you and your four-legged buddy will undoubtedly have a good time with everyone else at Simi Dog Park.

Best Feature: They already have water available for the dogs, so you don’t need to carry any water with you. In addition, they provide poop bags and scoops to assist you when your dog needs to discharge. Definitely one of the best dog parks in Simi Valley!

Simi Valley, California’s Most Popular Parks

Wrap Up

Wrap Up
Little did you know that visiting a park has several benefits for you and your family. Your child will have a lot of opportunities to hone their social skills and be exposed to new experiences and opportunities for learning, such as meeting new friends, sharing, taking turns, and engaging with other kids.

Parks and other shared recreational spaces also contribute to building a tight-knit community and harmonious relationships between residents in an area.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Among the best trails for hiking and exploring the gorgeous city of Simi Valley include Corriganville Park, Rocky Peak, The Hummingbird Trail, Long Canyon, and Mount McCoy.

If you enjoy getting out and about in nature, hiking trails may be a great way to do just that, and understanding which path best suits your talents and abilities can help you hike more efficiently and safely.

Big Sky Park and Simi Dog Park are two of the most pet-friendly parks in Simi Valley.

Whether you’re looking for a guided nature tour or a challenging climb, Simi Valley has a hiking trail to suit your needs. The city is home to nearly 50 miles of magnificent trails that extend as far as Los Angeles.