The Top 10 Reasons Why People are Moving to Simi Valley, CA

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Located in Ventura County, Simi Valley is one of the most beautiful, family-friendly suburbs along the entire Pacific coast. It is also known for its safe neighborhoods and is said to be one of the happiest places in the country. It is no wonder that this city is listed as one of the top places people would want to move to.

If you are looking at the possibility of living in this wonderful Los Angeles suburb, you’re probably asking, “Is Simi Valley a good place to live in?” To help you make a decision, we’ve put together a list of the top ten reasons why you should consider moving to Simi Valley, CA. From its comfortable year-round climate all the way to the many ways you can enjoy your weekend evenings, you’ll see how amazing this place is to live in.

One of the things locals love about Simi Valley is its mild and comfortable climate all throughout the year.

  • Generally, the average temperatures in Simi Valley range between the 40s and low 80s.
  • The warmest month of the year is August, with temperatures averaging 23.6 °C (74.5 °F).
  • December is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 10.4 °C (50.7 °F).
  • Residents experience only an estimated 16 inches of rain annually.
  • Prevalent blue skies are perfect for beach lovers.

You Will Love Simi Valley, CA’s Warm, Sunny Weather

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Another reason people relocate to Simi Valley, CA is the clean and affordable living this city offers.

  • Simi Valley, CA is located just around 40 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.
  • Residents live far from the pollution and high prices of Los Angeles.
  • You can enjoy a quiet life in this city with all the perks that the larger surrounding area provides.

Simi Valley takes pride in its rich history and diverse culture.

  • Two settlements, Shimiji and Ta’apu, were split between a group of Native Americans known as the Chumash, who occupied the land until the late 1700s.
  • In the late 1700s, Spanish explorers claimed this land for themselves.
  • A few years after California became a state in 1850, this area was sold to Thomas A. Scott, who owned the Philadelphia and California Petroleum Company.
  • Simi Valley is home to a diverse population consisting mostly of Caucasians, but with a large population of African American, Asian, Native American, and Pacific Islanders.

Simi Valley Has a Rich History and Diverse Culture

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Safety is a major factor in one’s decision to move to a particular location, especially if you plan to raise a family in your new home.

  • For 2022, Simi Valley ranked 21st among the 50 safest cities in the state of California.
  • The crime rate in Simi Valley is nearly 70% lower than the California average.
  • Some of the best neighborhoods in Simi Valley include  Wood Ranch, Santa Susana, Texas Tract, and Montaire.

Although residents have a slightly longer commute compared to the national average because Simi Valley is mainly a residential area, the city provides a solution to this through plenty of easy and effective transportation options.

  • For daily commutes, the Simi Valley Transit services provide fixed path bus routes connecting to the Los Angeles Metro.
  • The Ronald Reagan Freeway provides easy access to San Fernando, Burbank, and Moorpark.
  • Most residents who prefer to drive their own cars enjoy commute times of less than 30 minutes on average.

Simple, Convenient Transportation Makes Commuting a Breeze

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Education is another significant consideration when choosing to move to a new city, and Simi Valley happens to have some of the top schools in Los Angeles.

  • For younger students, some of the best schools spread all over town include Hollow Hills Elementary, Big Springs Elementary, and Vista Elementary.
  • The public schools in the city are part of the Simi Valley Unified School District.
  • There are three middle schools in Simi Valley: Sinaloa Middle School, Valley View Middle School, and Hillside Middle School.
  • The top three high schools in the area are Santa Susana High School, Simi Valley High School, and Royal High School.
  • Santa Susana is one of the top 150 high schools out of over 2,000 in the state, with a graduation rate of over 97%.

While Simi Valley is mostly a neighborhood community, it takes pride in having been named “Best City to Work In” in the Greater Los Angeles area.

  • Simi Valley has an extremely low unemployment rate of only 5.6%, below the national average of 6.0%.
  • The largest employer in the city is the Simi Valley Unified School District, which is home to almost 2,200 teachers, executives, and administrative staff.
  • The Simi Valley Hospital is the second largest employer on the list, employing around 800 personnel in the medical field.
  • Other top employers include the City of Simi Valley, AeroVironment, and the local recreation district.

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Simi Valley residents enjoy the outdoors from the abundance of recreation areas and attractions in the suburb.

  • There are 50 parks in Simi Valley, consisting of urban city parks, open parks, and trail systems, covering over 5,500 acres.
  • Some of the most popular public parks in Simi Valley include the Big Sky Park, Arroyo Park, and Citrus Grove Park.
  • The valley also has 6 golf courses, as well as natural trails for biking, hiking, and going for a jog.

Whether you’re craving for a burger or something fancier, there is definitely an amazing dining venue to satisfy your palate.

  • Check out Sushi Tanaka for a unique array of sashimi, rolls, and nigiri that are all selected for you by the chef.
  • Craving Italian cuisine? Visit Beto’s Italian Bistro and choose from their assortment of spaghetti, lasagna, and Italian seafood options.
  • And if you simply want to get yourself a good old American burger, you can never go wrong with an In-N-Out burger.

Simi Valley is a Haven for Foodies

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After a long week at work, you deserve to go out and have some fun. Though most of the valley starts to quiet down at around 10, you’ll still find a range of nightlife options around town.

  • Head over to PC’s Bar & Grill for happy hour drinks and dancing.
  • If you’re in the mood for a movie, Studio Movie Grill is an amazing place where you can enjoy the film while dinner is served to your seat.
  • One of the most popular night spots in Simi Valley is the Cultural Arts Center, where you can enjoy classic plays, new-age musicals, and comedy sketches.
  • Other popular nightlife spots in Simi Valley include the Golden Nugget Pub, Billiard Plaza, and Rusty’s Bar & Grill.

Simi Valley, CA is indeed an amazing city to move to. If you want to explore your home options in this suburb, I’ll be more than happy to show you the residential properties that are available in this area. Feel free to contact me at 805-630-1806 or send me an email at to schedule an appointment.