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Moorpark is one of the major cities in Ventura County in Southern California. It was one of the earliest cities founded in the 1900s.In the 1980s, it had a little over 4000 citizens, and by the 1990s, it had grown over to 25,000.

By the year 2006, it was declared the latest growing city in Ventura County, and by 2010, its population was well over 34,000; it had increased by almost 10% compared to its 31,000 population in 2000.

The Moorpark apricot flower grew in the area; hence the Moorpark town was named after it (this signifies the apricot flower on the town’s seal and flag). Moorpark is still a great place to live, with its tree-lined streets and small-town feel.

There are plenty of things to do in Moorpark, from hiking and biking to shopping and dining. And there’s something for everyone in Moorpark’s neighborhoods.

Here are just a few of Moorpark’s great neighborhoods:

Moorpark North Neighborhoods


Moorpark Highlands, Moorpark, CA
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Moorpark Highlands is a lovely area in the city of Ventura, California. It is mainly made up of large homes that are moderately priced in the surrounding area. A majority of the single-family houses in the region were built from 2013 to 2016, offering a modern feel to homebuyers.

The houses here are large and luxurious, and the views are simply stunning. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails and a golf course. Moorpark Highlands is also close to shopping and dining. 

There are also many apartments and condos in this area as well.The price of neighborhood homes is between $1,250,000 and $1,800,000, depending on the home’s interior and exterior characteristics.


Meridian Hills, Moorpark, CA
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Meridian Hills is a gated community of affluent neighborhoods and luxury homes in Moorpark, California. The Meridian Hills is a well-established suburban community, and it is home to some of the gorgeous residences in the city. 

The community supports leisure activities because it has recreational facilities, enticing prospective homeowners to the area. It comprises large homes that sit on large, well-manicured lots.

The price for houses in Meridian Hills starts at $1,400,000 and goes up to $1,450,000.

Country Club Estates is an affluent neighborhood of luxury homes in Simi Valley, California. The area comprises many different sub-neighborhoods, each with its unique feel and atmosphere.

The Country Club Estates offer residents a wide variety of recreational activities such as golf, tennis, swimming, etc. Many apartments and condos in the Country Club Estates offer residents a more affordable housing option.

The prices for homes in this area start at $635,000 and can go up to $2,350,000 depending on the location and neighborhood.

Campus Hills is one of the most prestigious and affluent neighborhoods in Moorpark, California. The area is made up of large estates and mansions that sit on expansive, well-manicured grounds.

Campus Hills is a sought-after neighborhood in Moorpark; t views are simply stunning. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails and a golf course. The neighborhood is close to shopping and dining and has a very suburban feel.

The residential home prices of Campus Hills range between $227,000 and $950,000.

Moorpark South Neighborhoods


Buttercreek Estates, Moorpark, CA
Buttercreek Estates, Moorpark, CA, Source: buyahomeinsimivalley.com

Buttercreek Estates is a beautiful, family-oriented neighborhood in Moorpark, California, home to less than 2,000 people. The houses here are well-built with incredible views and are reasonably priced.

This is a great place to raise a family with many parks and recreation opportunities. Buttercreek Estates is also close to shopping and dining establishments, which are primarily clustered in the northeastern segment of the community.

The real estate properties in Buttercreek are often priced between $705,000 to $1.2 million, depending on the lot size and general house elements.


Quail Ridge, Moorpark, CA
Gallery – Quail Ridge Source: quailridgeaptsgeorgia.com

Quail Ridge is a beautiful community of luxury homes which is located in the southwestern part of the Moorpark in California. This is a great place to raise a family with many parks and recreation opportunities.

Quail Ridge is near commercial districts and educational facilities, making it accessible to essential facilities. Quail Ridge is also close to shopping and has a wide selection of dining facilities, retail outlets, and healthcare establishments.

Homes developed in Quail Ridge range from $184,000 to $891,000, depending on the location and property features.

Deauville and Tuscany are adjacent neighborhoods in Moorpark, California, home to around 1,700 people. These family-friendly communities offer a suburban lifestyle with plenty of parks and recreation opportunities.

Deauville and Tuscany are also close to shopping and dining. There are several high-performing public schools serving the Deauville and Tuscany neighborhoods, such as Arroyo West Elementary School, Mountain Meadows School, and Moorpark High School.

The average price for a home in Deauville is often valued from $200,000 to $1.37 million, while homes in Tuscany are priced between $790,000 to $1.26 million.

Belmont is a family-oriented neighborhood located in Moorpark, California. It is home to around 3,000 people and is known for its beautiful houses and well-manicured lawns.

The area is friendly and offers a suburban lifestyle with plenty of parks and recreation opportunities. Most of the dwellings are developed in the 1990s.

The average price for a home in Belmont costs $665,000 to $975,000 which consists of affordable single-family residences.

Bottom Line

Consider exploring Moorpark’s many neighborhoods if you’re looking for a new place to call home. From family-friendly areas to bustling downtown districts, you’re sure to find the right fit for your lifestyle. 

You’ll enjoy living in this Southern California community with excellent schools, charming shops, and recreational opportunities.

Thank you for reading! I hope this has helped you narrow down your search for the perfect neighborhood in Moorpark. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact me.